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Born in Nagasaki in 1964.
He graduated from Waseda University. In 1989 he joined the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) as a director and was assigned to the NHK Kagoshima station. Since 1994, he has been in charge of directing and producing dramas in the drama program department of the production department. He retired from NHK in 2022.
During his time at NHK, he directed some episode of the NHK's historical epic series "Tokimune Hojo "(2001). After that, he became a producer, and produced many popular works, the Saturday drama including "The Long Goodbye" (2014), " To Heal the Heart (Broadcast Culture Fund Awards Best TV Drama Program Award)"(2019), NHK’s morning drama “Carnation (Galaxy Award TV Category Grand Prize)(2011), etc.
His latest works are NHK special “Voices at war” (Galaxy Award Encouragement Award、the movie will be released in Augsut 2024)、the feature film「港に灯がともる」(Scheduled to be released in January 2025).

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