Bridgehead Co., Ltd.Bridgehead Co., Ltd.


The foundation to build a bridge for creativity.

“Bridgehead”, tactically constructed at crossing points of water,
signifies a fortification that protects important passages nearest to the front line.

We aim to be a “bridgehead” to safeguard creative links between creators and works.

Company Overview

  • Company Name:
    BRIDGEHEAD Co., Ltd.
  • Address:
    Tokyo office
    1-2-10-1010, Ohashi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0044 JAPAN

    3-1-1, Kamioosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0021 JAPAN
  • Representative:
    Executive Director - Shinji Ogawa
  • Foundation:
    July 2012
  • Capital:
    8,500,000 JPY
  • Executives:
    Director – 崔相基
    Director – Satoshi Goto
  • Business Overview:
    We plan and produce predominantly live-action visual and musical works, consult projects, and offer an agent operation service for filmmakers, scriptwriters, and creators. We also proactively undertake publicity outsourcing through our marketing team, as well as international sales outsourcing service.
  • Major Clients:
    Toho Co., Ltd.
    Shochiku Co., Ltd.
    Asmik Ace, Inc.
    Amuse Inc.
    Johnny & Associates
    LDH JAPAN Inc.

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